Order of Dakmonias







Our History

The Order of Dakmonias is an esoteric initiatory order that operates from the perspective of the Left Hand Path.  The Order is solely dedicated to the practice of the principles and teachings of the Spitzalodian and Dakmonian current; as given to us by the Founder and first Grandmaster of the Order, Tomemaster.


Like its sister order, the Order of Spitzalod, the precise origins of the Order of Dakmonias are shrouded in mystery. However, according to Tradition, Dakmonian teachings and principles were originally handed down by word of mouth sometime during the Neolithic period.  This practice of oral tradition continued until the teachings were later written down by the same Arabian magus who first wrote down the teachings of Spitzalodian magick during the third millennia B.C.E.


Tradition also tells us that the last known original copies of our written Tradition were lost in 48 B.C.E when the armies of Julius Caesar inadvertently burned the famed library in Alexandria, Egypt.  The historians Plutarch, Ammianus, and Orosius record this event as an unintended consequence of an order given by Caesar for his soldiers to set fire to Egyptian ships in the harbor.  This was done in attempt to keep his rival, Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus, from escaping back to Rome from the Egyptian coast.


The Order of Dakmonias was first established sometime in the year 996 C.E. by a magus known as Sajel, an Apprentice of the magus Malicon.  The exact location for the birthplace of Sajel is unknown; however the etymology of the name suggests that either he or his family originated somewhere in the vicinity of Pakistan, India, and Nepal.

Like its sister order, the Order of Spitzalod, The Order of Dakmonias fell victim to the spread of Christianity as well as Islam. The last few practitioners who could pass down the knowledge by word of mouth died and the knowledge was lost until its re-introduction by Tomemaster from 1976 until 1999 while serving as a “mental channel” for the Power known as Dakmonias.


Dakmonian magick takes an ethical approach to the practice of the magickal arts and the Old Ways.  It is based upon the philosophical principle of Dharma as well as the Arabic principle of Din, meaning "way of life". Dakmonian magick also adheres to the principles of the Laws of Sorcery as well as the Law of Reconciliation of Opposites.  To the Order and its practitioners, there is an inherent universal balance in all things.  As such, practitioners maintain a balanced practice consisting of both positive and negative (correct and incorrect) energy with special emphasis placed on the use of incorrect energy.  To the Dakmonian Practitioner, nothing is purely positive or negative, but the summation of both energetic polarities.


Currently the Order of Dakmonias is presided over by Arthwyr MacGill; who is the Grandmaster of the Order.  For those who feel they hear the call to a creative form of sorcery, review our information and feel free to contact us. We look forward to working with you.